Cool Innovation #0022. The robots are coming!!!!! Now they are after advertising copywriters. Watch out!!!

Headlime is an AI headline and commercial copy generator. The Headlime´s headline can be a little bit arrogant: “Create headlines like copywriting experts” — I would bet this plain and uninspiring headline has been written by Headlime.

I don´t believe Headlime would be able for some time to write GREAT headlines — the likes of David Abbot´s “ I never read The Economist” or anyone by Tom McElligott just to focus on “copy oriented, no images” ads.

But for run-of-the-mill copy, the trial and error system works fine, mostly for e-commerce. And the pricing can´t be matched by “human” copywriters.

I think it is way too soon to inspire the fear of god to GREAT copywriters, but the “average” ones have their days numbered.

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